TBS18, ZERMATT – Feb 7-9 2018

We have worked hard this year on something big that is due to kick off in February next year: TBS18, The Big Sick Conference – a small, social critical care conference with top speakers and deep medical engagement in the amazing alp village of Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn.

We wanted to create the conference we’d most like to attend ourselves (including all the pull up banner printing we had to outsource), and The Big Sick is concentrating on the first hours of the sickest patients, their physiology and how we should deal with them.

Engaging deep-dives
Medical teaching and discussion is key. The idea is to take the best of SMACC-style conferences and condense it: We’re looking for a small conference of people with the same interest in cutting edge critical care, we will dive deeper into the nerdy physiology and pathology of our patients and cases, still presented in an entertaining and engaging way, to dissect why we do as we do, and how to improve. The setting will allow for daytime breaks to digest, with evening talks and discussions to continue into the night over an après-conference beer.

Small and friendly
We’ve put together a faculty of world class presenters that we know will deliver the type of talks we’re interested in hearing. If they are provocative, then even better, as it will spark discussion through the conference. We want everyone there to learn, engage, discuss and network to get to know each-other. You’ll meet new people as well as people you’ve already talked to on SoMe. With delegates limited to 50 people, at the charming Hotel Alex, this will be the conference you’ll go home from with a new and bigger critical care family.

Get in touch
Please get in touch with us if you want to participate. We’re a small conference – we’d love to have you, and if we can’t find room for you this year, we’ll certainly keep you on our list for future versions of the TBS! We will plan to keep this going, and to rotate on the delegates to extend the networks, but keep each conference small enough for everyone to interact with everyone.

Air Zermatt
We have gotten help from the legendary AirZermatt SAR and HEMS service, to help us with the logistics of the conference, and to make the conference extra-ordinaire. Expect to see more of them during your stay in Zermatt!

Sessions and presenters
We’ve got different sessions set up for the conference, with cutting edge clinicians to lead the way:

Lionel Laumhaut, Pre-hospital ECMO, SAMU, Paris
Magnus Larsson, PhD on ECMO in trauma, Karolinska
Zack Shinar, Sharp Memorial, edecmo.org

Rich Levitan, Airway geek and expert, Difficult Airway Society board member
Jim DuCanto, Airway geek and certified. SALAD master.
Michael Selz Kristensen, airway and cowboy boot aficionado, Copenhagen

Cardiac Arrest
Richard Lyon, Clinical lead KSS Air Ambulance, PhD OHCA, Board of Resus Concil UK
Tim Harris, All things cardiac arrest, London

Critical Care & Trauma
Pierre Sundin, critical care/trauma physiology at its best, Karolinska
Stephen Sollid, Norwegian HEMS
John Chatterjee, London HEMS

And many more!

Check out bigsick18.org and get in touch at



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