“What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”


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3 Responses to HITCHEN´S RAZOR

  1. DaveC says:

    OK, but that hardly addresses the challenge of providing care based on best professional judgement where objective evidence is not available or practical to obtain. The future, from trauma care to cancer care, where “state of the art” is based on a combination of tradition & intuition, rather than double blind prospective trials. While there is tragedy to be discovered in those practices, that is also the starting point for improvements beyond the current state of practice. How does a provider (0r a patient) tell the difference?

  2. nfkb says:

    I believe experience and instinct still have something to do to care for people. Nope ?

  3. K says:

    nkfb and DaveC,
    You are both right of course. Sound pragmatism and reason resulting in ´tradition´ is all we have a lot of the time. Though, Hitchen´s razor is about dogma not founded in reason nor evidence.

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