Gooood morningSMACC registration is now open! As with previous years, reservations are going fast. Two thirds of the early bird reservations are already gone, so this will be another fantastic SMACC conference! Have a look at the program and the workshops, not to mention the awesome people being there! It all goes down in Chicago June 23-26, 2015.

SMACCago june

Also book early to make sure you get your spot on one of the great workshops offered! Workshops are always a great place to learn. What sets SMACC apart is that you’re not only getting to learn from really smart and experienced people – they’re also great teachers: engaged and motivational. You’ll have a blast! There are workshops with the best in the industry, meaning you’ll get that mix of instructors with actual hands-on experience but also a burning commitment to teaching and making YOU better.

Of course, loads of hard skills workshops on everything from ECMO with the guys to airway workshops with Levitan and Weingart and pre hosp workshops with Sydney HEMS docs Reid, Habig, Burns and rural pre hosp pearls from Minh. The paeds workshop with Kay will be well worth attending. And even the soft workshops you normally don’t bother attending, but know will be gold at SMACC: bedside teaching, flipping the classroom, debriefing, resilience training and of course workshops on social media and FOAM! It’s all there, we will even get Instagram video views for the ones we will be uploading on Instagram.

So if you’re planning on attending, please make sure you book to get the workshops you want. The upside is that even if you don’t get your first choice in workshop, you know your second and third choices will be memorable too.

And please let us know if you’re coming to SMACC. We’d love to hook up with you, especially with other Scandinavians who’s drinking the FOAM cool-aid.

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