The ultrasound experience is finally coming to Norway, and what a faculty! Featuring Vicky Noble, at Harvard and director of Massachusetts General Hospital’s emergency ultrasound program. She has an impressive list of publications on ultrasound, and is also a great clinical teacher.

Great clinical teaching and a love for ultrasound is a common factor for all the faculty, which also includes Matt and Mike of ultrasoundpodcast fame, Joe Wood from the Mayo clinic, Beatrice Hoffman from Harvard and Bret Nelson who co-authored the excellent Manual of Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound with Vicky Noble. And this is just part of the faculty!

We’re willing to bet there’s NEVER been a more competent, dedicated and internationally renowned teaching team for any ultrasound course in Norway. Ever. And YOU have the chance to have all these amazing clinical teachers at your disposal!

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If you want to learn about Point of Care ultrasound (POCUS) with hands-on teaching and the best inside tips and tricks – this is the course you want to be in. It’s a no-brainer for Norwegians, but everyone else is also more than welcome. The course will be in English, and the experience of ultrasound and the spectacular Norwegian fjords is a hard-to-beat combo.

The course is arranged by a group of Norwegian dedicated ultrasound nerds within anaesthesia, general practice and emergency medicine, and the course is partly sponsored by the Norwegian Air Ambulance and the SAFER foundation. All this goes down onboard the Hurtigruten cruise line traveling from the beautiful city of Bergen and up along the Norwegian coast line to Bodø in Northern Norway, providing a spectacular setting for the course. Now, go sign up!

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