JUNE 23-26 2015 – SAVE THE DATE!

SMACC GOLD is just over, and the amazing presentations from that conference is starting to get posted. For a taster, watch Haney Mallemat give a SMACC talk on the biggest ICU challenge: The art and science of fluid responsiveness. Also there were top speakers like Karim Brohi, Scott Weingart, Cliff Reid and lots of other great docs. They’re not only great docs, but also great presenters and entertainers. And they will be there for SMACC Chicago. Learning doesn’t have to be boring! This will be a conference to look forward to, not just for the great talks and information, but for the experience. More>>

SMACCago june

In addition to all the stuff on-stage, SMACC seems to really get it right off-stage too. Remember those conferences where you end up wandering around, not really connecting to people – other than the 1-2 other guys from your hospital and that guy you know from med school? SMACC takes Social Media into Real Life. For actual interaction with other dedicated and social docs – this is the place to be! Meet your online colleagues in real life, meet new people in real life to keep in touch with on the net. This is what social media was meant for!

Iain Beardsell, blogger of the excellent St. Emlyn’s blog and one of the SMACC Gold speakers, summed up the experience by a small chat with one of the waiting staff at the SMACC Gold venue:

“What are you all?” she asked me.
“What do you mean?” asked I.
“Well, we have all sorts of conferences here: Real Estate agents; Pharmaceutical companies; big businesses, but you all seem different. You are all so kind.”

There you have it. So, save the date, tell your friends, and ask for conference leave for 23rd-26th of June and add a few days before and after for workshops and networking. Not “networking”-networking – but just talk to like-minded people. It’s going to be a blast – both on and off stage!

Hopefully, we’ll follow Leif Erikson, rediscover Vinland and be a small viking colony in Chicago in May. See you there!

Listen to all the SMACC talks as podcasts here: SMACC team podcasts, iTunes link.

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