This post is for the Scandinavians following this blog. We need your help in advertising this scandinavian ‘Induction Course in Prehospital Emergency Medicine´. Next time to be held in Gothenburg 1-5th october.

Please help us by spreading the word about this course. If you are interested in prehospital immediate care or retrieval medicine this might be for you. If not, please forward the link to your colleagues who might be interested or stick the course flyer to any vertical surface you see.

The course is designed to be a comprehensive induction into prehospital medicine for physicians. Over five intense days the course covers an extensive curriculum so that participants, after graduating, match the standards as set by the Scandinavian medical boards.

The faculty is quite impressive. It is fair to say that all of them are amongst the prime movers of Scandinavian prehospital medicine.

If you are a scandinavian doctor in or on your way into prehospital medicine this course is a must-have.

Read all about the course and sign up here:

The course his held bi-annually. The next dates are 1/10-5/10 2012. We happen to know there a few spots left. Hurry up and sign up. is in not affiliated with this course or anyone in the faculty. Still, we think it is vitally important that us Scandies build our community and networks. 

Both authors of have worked in anglo-australian systems. What impressed us more than anything else was the vibrant communities and networks they built. We think making courses like this happen is important for building and maintaining a similar Scandinavian community.

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