“Sellick maneuver does more harm than good – and probably all harm”

Dr. Richard Levitan, emergency physician who has specialised on emergency airway management. He also runs some highly acclaimed airway courses.

via @MDaware, who’s following Levitan at a Mt. Sinai emergency medicine conference in New York.

You might also want to read The Aspiration Conspiracy and Farligt Cricoidtryck.

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3 Responses to QUOTE OF THE MONTH

  1. DJM says:

    If Levitan honestly believes that cricoid pressure is *all harm* either he is a fool or has never dealt with a patient that has aspirated.

    • Thomas D says:

      Presuming that cricoid pressure actually is an efficient way to stop gastric regurgitation and doesn’t hamper your view of the larynx, you might be right.

  2. Didn’t Dan Ellis publish on this a few years ago? Cricoid, friend or foe?

    It’s the first thing to junk if I get a shitty view. Although VL makes that incrasingly infrequent nowadays…

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