Having a hard time remembering all dosages and vitals for kids? Even harder to use all the different formulas and calculate the right dosage in your head on the fly at 3 in the morning? We all feel like that. PediSafe to the rescue.

The app opens with a list of body weight in kg (and lbs) with the according Broselow tape color next to it for reference. Tapping one gets you to a long list of handy reference values. Everything from normal vital signs like pulse and respiratory rate to airway equipment sizes. Of course, list contains a lot of drugs, for induction and maintenance, as well as cardiovascular support and resuscitation. They’re already given in the right doses, but in small writing underneath the doses, you’ll also find the formula used for the calculation. There’s also a fluid resuscitation list with NPO deficit and estimated blood volume.

There are several similar lists and calculators out there, but this is my personal choice. It’s all well laid out, easy to access and easy to get an overview.

A very handy quick reference to have available on your iPhone. Gold to glance at before a paediatric case in the OR, or when expecting a sick/trauma child in the ED.

Link to PediSafe at the Norwegian iTunes store

View all iPhone medical apps on ScanCrit here.

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