It’s hard to know what machine to pick, and hard to find good reviews, especially reviews of the machines in daily clinical use. Luckily a bunch of ultrasound nerds, the #ultrascoundrels, have taken it upon themselves to remedy this. Currently, the reviews of the latest GE VScan, the SonoSite iViz, the Clarius and the Sonon are up. And the Philips Lumify and possibly the Butterfly are in the pipeline for coming reviews

The reviews are great and detailed, but as they should be, slightly subjective. Think of them as asking a friend for advice, an ultrasound nerdy friend, and this is the answer you’d get.

We hope more people will write actual user reviews after extensive use of different POCUS machines, both handheld and portables. Reviews like these are definitely not the last word on these POCUS machines, but very useful guides, and great for knowing what features to test and what questions to ask the reps to see how this will all fit with your own needs and workflow.

Go to Critical Care Northampton’s POCUS machine reviews

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