The Jim DuCanto experience at The Big Sick. We got our favourite airway big bear over from the states: Jim DuCanto, equal parts mad scientist and airway afficionado. Published paper on CPR, intubation and ventilation under water, or the beeryngoscope the best laryngoscope for entertaining, competitive laryngoscopy training.

DuCanto’s always full of energy, postive vibes and great airway tricks – he’s a fantastic guy to hang out with. You’ll have a great time, and learn lots in the process.

SALAD is DuCanto’s project of Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy Airway Decontamination, and is the focus of both his talk and the workshop they had later in the day.

The SALAD airway workshop was done together with Carmine Della Vella and Erika Panaro, who both came driving over the alps to Zermatt from Italy in Carmine’s Fiat Cinquecento filled with mannequins and airway gear. The workshop was just next to the hotel bar, and it was amazing how the SALAD team kept it professional and focused and still super friendly, and airway pearls were flying through room. If you weren’t at TBS18, you missed out.

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