We’ve written on Prof Tisherman’s Suspended Animation before. We found it very intriguing and were thrilled to be able to have Tisherman over from the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore to TBS18 in Zermatt, Switzerland to explain the concept and take us through its history and at the same time giving a fascinating take on physiology at the edge of life.

The real name of the concept is EPR: Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation. The plan is using EPR for cardiac arrest after exsanguinating trauma, a situation where CPR does little good, and we have very few treatment options. So cool the body down, fix it, then warm it back up and bring it back to life. Let Tisherman take you through it.

The Big Sick conference TBS18 was a big success, and please get in touch if you’d want to join us for TBS19.

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