From our ECMO session at The Big Sick 2018, #TBS18:

  • Lionel Lamhaut on Prehospital ECMO (39:30)
  • Zack Shinar on EDECMO (1:04:30)
  • HÃ¥kan Kalzen on the Karolinska experience with ECMO and ECMO transports (1:31:35)
  • Magnus Larsson on ECMO in trauma patients (2:34:24)
  • BONUS: Professor Tim Harris on Resuscitation (3:05:18)

    The Big Sick conference 2018 in Zermatt was a blast! We’re going to post some of the talks from TBS18. Some of them, like this from the ECMO session and beyond, are quite raw and un-edited as they are recorded directly from our live transmission of the sessions. That means there are some pauses you have to fast forward through, and that the technical parts could be optimised. Still, here you have some of the best ECMO lecturers available, talking on exciting parts of frontier ECMO use. We hope you enjoy it.

    Also, check out The Big Sick 2019 6-8. February 2019, #TBS19 here.

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