SMACC DUB 2016 JUNE 13-16

After a fantastic SMACC conference in Chicago this Summer, preparations for next year’s SMACC in Dublin is well under way. As a conference for Social Media And Critical Care, the SMACC conference is not just an update on cutting edge in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, it is also very much a conference the way conferences should be: It adds to your motivation and inspires to drive yourself further.

It does this through the talks, and also through the social side of SMACC: it is a place to meet and network. Not network in the formal business understanding, but in the way of meeting and interacting with real people with similar interests. The social side of SMACC is its major point. It makes SMACC unique.

And the best part is that this is driven by you – the delegates. And it works. People meet, interact, learn and have a great time. Dublin promises to be a great setting for the SMACC crew and delegates to make this happen again!

We hope to see you at SMACC in Dublin 13th to 16th of June!


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