imageThere’s an interesting, important, editorial in Anaesthesia. It is a fair criticism of ATLS. It starts with the historical background, details it’s modern weak points and concludes with how ATLS should be regarded as an entry level course for clinicians who won’t frequently manage trauma.

The article also concludes that ATLS is a concept that over and over fails to evolve and how it doesn’t meet the requirements of today’s cutting edge trauma centres. The paper is open access and a must-read. Find it here.

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Editorial lives here:
Anaesthesia. 2015 Aug;70(8):893-7.
ATLS: Archaic Trauma Life Support?
Wiles MD.

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  1. I think I love you.

    Been directing ATLS for a few years. I believe in the concept of teaching a structured approach to those who are either very junior or infrequently deal with trauma…

    ..but it needs to be re-badged as Basic Trauma LS…and the continued resistance from College of Surgeons to entertain this, nor to remain nimble and responsive to developments in modern trauma management mean that it’s no longer credible as an ‘advanced course’

    Give me a good faculty and we can deviate off piste to cover modern trauma management – especially on the Refresher – but still, the standard to which candidates are examined remains the ‘Archaic TLS’ standard.

    The table above misses out other chestnuts – collars, tourniquets..heck, don;t get me started on the risible airway techniques taught on ATLS…

    I am much more of a fan of modern FOAMed-based courses such as and ATACC

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  3. Luca says:

    This is brilliant. Too bad cervical collars are not included 😉

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