Q: How do you approach teaching the honing of skills to picking up high risk disease with a low prevalence?

A: “It is a shit-show. let’s just get it out there. these conditions should be missed or we should accept an enormous amount of overtesting.

Our society should issue a statement that missing pulmonary embolism, dissection (of any vessel), necrotizing fascitis – unless the pt presents with totally classic symptoms, should be considered the standard of care”

– Scott Weingart, emcrit.org.

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2 Responses to QUOTE OF THE MONTH

  1. nfkb says:

    Wow, great paradigm shift…

    But he is right in some way. A lot of CT scan in my hospital are done because we are afraid of an aortic isthmic rupture for example. (one case this week by the way !)

    As a doctor i feel that we do really too much exams but it’s also right that looking after a patient after a road vehicle accident may be time and ressource consuming.

    As a patient i would be inclined to accept a clinical monitoring for some kind f low evolution/chronic disease but for an acute problem with potential quick lethal evolution i don’t know what would be my choice.

  2. tetuflamand says:

    are we really sure that prevalence is low or is it only Under diagnosed !!!!
    “leave no stone unturned ” should be our way of care like in alice in Wonder land

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