Bottom Line iconWhile we at ScanCrit were thinking about what a great idea it would be, The Bottom Line just went ahead and did it. And they’re still doing it: Making a library of the key articles and most important trials in intensive care medicine – and appraising them.

If you want to find out why we do what we do in the ICU, go check out all the papers for sepsis, pressors, ventilators and the machine that goes ping – this is the place. Reviewed in a short and concise overview, by category or search. A nicely designed site for an excellent collection of appraisals. You need to have this in your bookmarks.

All the ICU papers, all the time
They’re all there – all the clever acronyms: REDUCE, IMPROVE, CRASH-1, SAFE, PROSEVA (well, the PROSEVA acronym wasn’t that clever), OSCILLATE and all the other names you’ve heard buzzing.

OK, they’re not all there – yet. But if you can’t find it, check back in a couple of weeks, as the Bottom Line is an ongoing project. The appraisal is a great introduction to the papers, and an excellent springboard for reading the paper in-depth yourself.

The Bottom Line resides at the Wessix Intensive Care Society’s webpages. Bookmark the following link, or click the image below:

Bottom Line

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