A pretty interesting look inside the US Air Force’s Combat Rescue Choppers in Afghanistan. A five part series on youtube. Having worked in helicopters, I’m impressed with all the procedures these guys perform in-flight.
BONUS: Airway porn in episode 5 (above): in-flight surgical airway on facial trauma patient at 40 minute mark. Saves the day.

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  1. cosmo says:

    Interesting vid. Massive pressure and terrible conditions for those guys. That said – we shouldn’t forget some basics like NP airways, suction and a good jaw thrust. Didn’t see any evidence of those being done first while getting cric kit ready.

  2. Thomas D says:

    I agree. Good point. I find it’s always good to watch vids taken during team training (or real trauma). It’s usually a good team effort and most things are done right, but it’s still often depressing how you miss small, basic, but important things…

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