From the Danish duo Wullfmorgenthaler. Being Danish, they’re not always SFW. And often just bizarre and weird. But sometimes very funnny. This one helps me get through my obstetric night shifts, with their commotio cerebri regimen pager calls (i.e., about every hour through the night).

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  1. Ah, the obstetric anaesthesia night shifts. Never a dull moment in the birthing sheds…if you are able, take a wonder through the fabulous “Help, Help, Madwives driving me bonkers!” thread at http://www.doctors.org.uk in the Anaesthetic forum. It’s the longest and funniest thread in this network of 175,000 UK docs.

    Anyhow, I thought that everyone was giving up on epidoodles now and just running a remi PCA…

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