Just a quickie. A study compares paracetamol plasma concentrations after intravenous and oral administration. Day-care surgery patients were randomised into receiving 1g Paracetamol either orally 30 mins before anaesthesia or intravenously 1 minute before anestesia.

Plasma concentrations are in the diagram. Minimal effective plasma┬áconcentration is 10 mg/ML which is also the lowest value that the researchers could measure. We would’ve loved to see a third group receiving 2 g of paracetamol in the study.

Take home message
As premedication before surgery, 1g of Paracetamol orally is almost useless for our purposes. The IV-route is quicker and much more reliable. For oral doses, give at least 2g Paracetamol.

Find the study here. Abstract below.


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