Ullevål Trauma Manual. Strictly speaking, it’s Norwegian, but would be suitable for anyone working with trauma prehospital or in-hospital in Scandinavia. It is developed by the dept. of traumatology at Ullevål Hospital in Oslo (now a part of the fusion Oslo University Hospital), ported from the well renowned paper version of their trauma manual. And the port has been successful.

The trauma manual is keeping to the main points, is easy to access and well laid out. Important learning points are boxed or listed in bullet points. It’s a pretty up-to-date trauma manual, and great for browsing during spare time, or waiting for a trauma patient to arrive. And it’s free. An excellent trauma reference for use in the field. If you can read Norwegian, give it a whirl!

Areas of improvement: Some illustrations would be nice. At the top of each chapter they have cleverly included a short introduction to the chapter, the name of the authors and relevant literature. It’s a very good idea, and it would be great to see this part expanded, especially adding more references.

Link to Traumemanualen in the Norwegian iTunes app store

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  1. Ulrika Hedelind says:

    Jag skulle vilja ladda ner appen, men kan inte nå den från Sverige!
    Går det att få den?
    Har tidigare jobbat 12 år med trauma på Ullevålsykehus.
    Mvh Ulrika

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