A few pieces of plastic, a couple of valves and springs: Voila, a pressure controlled ventilator! Meet SureVent2.

You can crudely adjust pressure, frequency and O2 concentration. PEEP will always be 25% of your PIP. And it has a manometer, so you can keep an eye on peak pressures. The SureVent2 is powered by the pressure from the O2 cylinder that’s supplying the oxygen. A pop-off valve supplies extra safety. It’s tiny and light. Pure genius.

Will this be accurate and precise? It will be good enough. Coupled with basic standard monitoring – pulse oximetry and capnography – it can be used easily and safely. So could this be the smallest and best back-up ventilator in a pre-hospital set-up?

BONUS: It’s MR proof.

Update feb 2012: The SureVent2 is now being used on the Sydney HEMS as a back-up ventilator and for use in hard to access places.


SureVent2 pdf User Guide

A SureVent introduction video:

A SureVent2 introduction video from Sydney HEMS:

This post was originally published in Norwegian, 12. sept 2011:

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