Rummaging through the archives, I found this little piece from BMJ. It’s about medical journals and their articles being pretentious, overly academic and – above all – dull.

Oh, and it was written back in 1958…

Richard Asher, “Why Are Medical Journals So Dull?” BMJ, aug 23, 1958

It also got me thinking of something I read in a completely different setting, a review of, among other things, a pseudo scientific biography of Hitler: “It came with the panoply of academe: footnotes, clunky jargon, thickets of meaningless detail, all of which, to paraphrase George Orwell, gave the appearance of solidity to pure wind”. Which sounded to me a lot like all the medical articles that seems written just for the sake of publishing. Trying to boost minuscule statistical findings into something clinically significant. And still being dull about it.

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