OsiriXYou’ve done an interesting case pre-hospital, in the ED or in the OR or ICU. After the CT/MRI scan, you go to get some images from the radiologist for later reference and teaching.

You find a couple that sort of show you what you want, and the radiologist saves them as small JPG’s. Of course, they’re never exactly the image slices you will want later, neither does the radiologist have time to give you a fancy 3D rendering of the trauma patients injuries.

Next time, if your inner nerd is up for it, see if your radiologist can get you the full CT scan as a standard DICOM image file (files with a .dcm extension). The DICOM file contains all the raw data from the CT/MRI scan, and a DICOM viewer will let you view and manipulate that data. So download the free OsiriX DICOM viewer for Mac, and pick any slice you want! Get the image size you want. Get the zoom level you want. Get the pointers and measurements you want. OsiriX will even let you render those fancy 3D renderings from the standard CT DICOM file to spice up your presentation.

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